Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What is photography?


What is photography? A subject surely to arouse much discussion. To me, photography is the study of light and how to capture it. Almost too simple, right? Let me explain. Whenever you are out shooting regardless of portrait, landscape, etc, light should be the first thing that pops into your mind. For example you would rely on flash, natural, or even radiate light in a slot canyon.

 When I find a composition I like, the light of the scene usually plays 90% in my decision to shoot it. Now many will argue and say that composition should account for the vast majority and that you can always correct “light” while post processing an image.

I look at my top images, even my top 25 images and the light is magical in each and every one, or at least played a significant role in shooting that day. Now to address the argument about composition accounting for so little.  I have shot my top images multiple times over many months, years, and seasons. I compare images side by side, those in which the light was magical and those that were not and guess what? The images that had less then desirable light, did nothing for me!

Now of course I speak in these terms because I am primarily speaking of landscape photography. I have delved into portrait and product photography a bit, however my main focus and ideals are around landscape photography.

This is the first of many topics I will be discussing over the next few months to share my philosophy on the art of photography. We will discuss post processing, composition, equipment, and of course location scouting. I hope to produce some video tutorials on how I process my images.
My February photography workshop is full, however I have another workshop planned for Saturday, May 1st.

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