Sunday, January 11, 2015

RJ Hooper Photography Workshop

What are my workshops about:

My workshops are designed for people who are just getting into photography and have a basic understanding of how their camera works. Also those who are looking to expand & step up their potential for capturing great images or learn more about post processing.

I think an experienced amateur photographer will still learn some tips during the workshop. I cater to the crowd, so if everyone feels comfortable with their camera functions we will not focus too much attention on it!


Cost will be $150, after February 1st price goes up to $180.00. Price includes transportation, any entry fees or permits, and of course me! You will be responsible to provide yourself lunch, drinks, and snacks.


Why should you attend a photography workshop from me? If you are reading this, chances are you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or somehow know about me! You see my style and the locations that I shoot. Do I promise you my portfolio from a 1 day workshop? No, but what I will teach you is my philosophy, my ideas, and how I approach landscape photography.

Photography is NOT about equipment! It is about developing your eye and adjusting your frame of mind while out shooting. So don't think your camera may not be good enough, that is not the case!


When I hold a workshop I like to tailor it around the specific day we are out shooting, i.e. if we have great clouds or rainy weather, we will maximize our shooting potential for such. I have a pre-plan of what we are going to do and photograph, however depending upon conditions we will go where the greatest potential is for great photos!

We will meet in St. George Utah approx. 1 hour prior to sunrise (approx. 6:00am) so that we can get to our first shooting location and be in position to capture the best light. After shooting the first moments of daylight and things slow down, we will recap the important points that we covered and talk a little more about composition, proper exposure, and how to capture dynamic range of light.

Mid to late morning will be spent covering composition, camera settings, and how to take advantage of the lenses that you have. We will cover the advantages of wide angle and telephoto lenses as they relate to landscape photography.

Over lunch we will perform Q&A session followed by an early afternoon post processing lesson. Topics will include basic RAW processing, dynamic range capture, cropping, and preparing your image for printing.

Late afternoon we will be back on location putting all the lessons from earlier in the day to good use! Depending upon conditions and if it looks like the potential for a good sunset is playing out, we will find the best spot to take advantage of that!

 What to bring:

-Camera (preferably a DSLR) with lenses

-Tripod with quick release for camera mount

-Plenty of memory cards! we will be shooting RAW+JPEG images with your camera

-A pack to carry your equipment, preferably a backpack so that your hands will be free

-Water, we will have a cooler with water bottles, however for when we are out hiking it never hurts to have more.

-Dress for the weather! If it is going to be cold, dress for the occasion! I always layer on days that have chilly mornings but then mild afternoons. As it gets closer we will communicate the temperature and weather forecast.

-Optional: laptop computer for post processing portion

What to expect:

-A Good time! I like to have fun and laugh while we are out shooting, bring your sense of humor with you!

-Hiking- we will be doing some hiking, no more than 3 miles at a time, wear good comfortable hiking shoes with good ankle support. We will not be doing any technical climbing or rappelling, so don’t expect any life endangering conditions! Most of our shooting locations will be within ¼ mile of the vehicle.

-Transportation: we will try to fit in one vehicle so that as we drive around we can discuss lessons learned and what to expect. Also any entrance or park fees that are required will be covered by me. The only thing you will have to cover is lunch and snacks if you choose.

How about after the workshop:

-After the workshop when you are putting your learned techniques to good use, but still have questions, feel free to shoot me an email or text! If you are processing an image and are stuck or can’t remember how I showed you, let me know!


My workshops are laid back and fun, however they can get intense if our shooting conditions are incredible (i.e. thunderstorm with lightning and rainbows). I promise I will change the way you think when you go out shooting and how to approach every shot in a systematic way to capture the best image.

The topics you learn in my workshop need to be repeated in different locations, under different conditions, and different seasons to succeed on your own. Success does not come overnight and not without some sweat and hard work!

Here is a link to reserve your spot:

PS only 6 available!

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