Monday, January 19, 2015

"The Place"
Coming in at #4, The Place. It took me a few years to find this old cabin and once I did, it instantly became an icon in my mind. I was fortunate enough to sit and visit with the gentleman who spent his summers here. It was a great experience to listen to the wisdom and stories of the “old times”. I really think that is was made it so special to me. Listening to the old stories really put meaning and purpose to my image, we will just say he has this print in his home!
This image was captured on one of my bigger solo Southwest road trips, I know it sounds weird but I enjoy travelling and shooting alone. It allows me to be 100% focused on what I am doing for several days at a time.
I have many people ask where this old cabin is located, but like many of my images of unknown places, I do not disclose that information. With Google, of course anything is possible. Sad as it sounds, I would estimate the life expectancy of this old cabin to be only a few more years before the elements take their toll.
Returning here several times over the last couple of years, I have been unable to match this amazing day I came across this old cabin. Maybe it was the luck of the old man, maybe it was my focus from the trip, but every time I return here I can hear the stories I was told that day.

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